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Now Available:

5.85 m Aussie Traveler Hull

This - nearly 6m - Open Boat is great value! Sturdy 4mm plate sides and bottom this boat has lots to offer. Suits 40-90 Hp. The big open dekspace is suitable for different arrangements: tiller, remote steer, multiple seating, casting deck... call or email Chris to discuss options.

Contact Chris for other options.


other Aussie Travelers out there now:

How about this fising beast! 'Rocket' is the promo vessel of mad keen fisherman Mark from the South Queensland Amature Fishing Club. Visit their site: http://www.sqafca.com.au/



This Aussie Traveler went as a KIT overseas to Vanuatu. As a true island boat, the builder fitted it out with a small cab at the front... Far out!

Keep it Simple

Shown below our own vessel "Farenough". Loads of deckspace for passengers (up to 8!) or for our camping gear to go out on a trip in the beautifull Sandy Straights & Fraser Island. Our 60 Hp 4-stroke Suzuki - with trim and tilt - makes our trips affordable and without hassle. We love it!



A real special is this Aussie Traveler... Adjusted hull to fit our customer's QUAD in the boat!

The customers vessel left our workshop as a RAW hull on a custom BtB Marine alloy trailer

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If finance is part of the decision making process,take the opportunity to contact Jade Financial Solutions. Whether it is for recreation or commercial purposes, Jade Finance's specialists will have you in the water in no time!






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